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Re: College courses in accessibility?


From: Paul R. Bohman
Date: Feb 24, 2011 11:51PM

Here are a few additions to my list (in addition to the ones others
mentioned in response to my initial email). If you know of any more courses
or degree programs, please let me know.

*Program: *MSc in Digital Inclusion
*University:* Middlesex University, London, UK
Courses (modules) include:

- Accessible Web Design (30 Credits) - Compulsory
- Design for All Regulation, Legislation and Standardisation (30 Credits)
- Compulsory
- Digital Inclusion Thesis (60 Credits) - Compulsory
- Fundamentals of Digital Inclusion (30 Credits) - Compulsory
- Inclusive Design and User Expericence (30 Credits) - Compulsory

*Program: *Postgraduate certificate: Academic expert on accessible web
*University:* Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
Courses include:

- Document preparation
- Web Programming
- Internet, Web Technology and Security
- Foundations of assistive technology
- Human-Computer Interaction
- Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
- Legal Basis
- Techniques for the implementation of accessibility guidelines
- Evaluation and repair tools
- Foundations of SoftwareAccessibility
- Access multimedia content on the Web
- Authoring tools and user agents
- Usability Engineering
- User Interaction Design
- Web applications in practice
- Internship Project "Accessible Web Design"

*Program:* Department of Interactive Media and Learning (IML)
*University:* UmeƄ University, Sweden
*Course Title: *6IT008 Webdesign, Usability and Accessibility
*Credits:* 15.0 ECTS
*Instructor:* Not listed

On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 7:24 PM, Paul R. Bohman < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> I am starting to compile a list of college-level courses that focus on web
> accessibility, which is turning out to be a rather difficult task, either
> because there are so few or because they are well hidden. I realize there
> are a lot of courses about web design which touch on the topic briefly. What
> I'm interested in, though, is courses in which accessibility is one of the
> main topics, and in which students are expected to reach some level of
> mastery of accessibility topics and techniques.
> Do you know of any courses that focus on accessibility? Please let me add
> to my list below!
> *University: *George Mason University
> *Program:* Instructional Technology Program (MS)
> *Course title:* EDIT 526 Web Accessibility and Design
> *Credit Hours:* 3
> *Required?* Yes, part of the core curriculum
> *Instructor:* Paul Bohman
> http://it.gse.gmu.edu/courses/526/
> *University:* The Open University (UK)
> *Program:* Online and Distance Education (MA)
> *Course Title: *H810 Accessible online learning: supporting disabled
> students
> *Credits:* 30 (part of a 180 credit master program)
> *Required?* No, optional
> *Instructor:* Not listed
> http://www3.open.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/course/h810.htm
> *University:* University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
> *Program:* Computer Science
> *Course Title: *CS498/LIS490: Designing Universally Accessible Web 2.0
> Applications
> *Credits:*
> *Required?* No; special topic
> *Instructor:* Jon Gunderson
> http://web20semester.cita.illinois.edu/index.php
> The following course is not a college course, but offers continuing
> education credits:
> *Organization:* International Webmasters Association
> *Course Title:* Introduction to Designing Accessible Websites
> *CEUs:* 4
> *Instructor:* Gretchen Lowerison
> http://iwa-hwg.eclasses.org/courseD210/
> --
> Paul Bohman

Paul Bohman