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Re: Enterprise Level Accessibility Testing Tools


From: Jason Kiss
Date: Feb 25, 2011 3:45PM

I'm not trying to promote Parasoft in anyway, but it's not clear to me
if you mean that there's no information about the Parasoft software's
own compliance with Section 508 and how accessible it is, or if you mean
that you couldn't find any information about Parasoft's accessibility
and Section 508 testing capabilities.

It wouldn't surprise me if the software itself is not Section 508
compliant, but it does perform conformance checking:
http://www.parasoft.com/jsp/products/article.jsp?articleId=1084. Also,
click the "Quality Governance" link on the page at
http://www.parasoft.com/jsp/products/soatest.jsp?itemId=101. However,
that this information is so difficult to find on their site is probably
not a good sign.

Jason Kiss
Web: www.accessibleculture.org
Twitter: @jkiss

On 26/02/11 08:37, Morin, Gary (NIH/OD) [E] wrote:
> I just took a look at the Parasoft website and there's nothing
> written up about accessibility or Section 508 conformance anywhere on
> their site - product overview, core capabilities, information as to
> whether the product itself is Section 508 conformant or accessible.
> Here at the US HHS, we're required to use "Accenture," though many
> organizations also use Deque, IBM/Watchfire and HiSoft in addition to
> the HHS-mandated Accenture.
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> Enterprise Level Accessibility Testing Tools
> You may or may not want to look at Parasoft SOATest
> (http://www.parasoft.com/jsp/products/soatest.jsp?itemId=101). It is
> an enterprise level test suite that includes automated tests for
> Section 508 and WCAG 2, and customisable rules. While the
> accessibility tools are there, they do seem to be just one part of
> what is a larger set of functional, load, security and other testing
> tools, so I wouldn't say that it is a tool fully dedicated to testing
> accessibility like SSB Bart's AMP or Deque Worldspace.
> I don't know what the software is like these days. I used it years
> ago when it was just called Parasoft Webking, and you could get the
> functional and static code analysis package on its own without all
> the load, security, and other stuff. One thing I liked about it then
> was the ability to build custom rules to do things like verify that
> certain images, for example logos, had specific alt-text that was
> required by the technical specs of the contract.
> Cheers,
> Jason
> On 25/02/11 01:02, Elle wrote:
>>> Hi, Mike!
>> Also, include SSB Bart's Accessibility Management Platform (AMP):
>> https://www.ssbbartgroup.com/amp/index.php. After that, you've got
>> all the ones we looked at when we were doing our research, and I
>> believe, all the major enterprise level tools.
>> All the best, Elle
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>>> Tools Hi folks,
>>> I am doing a bit of market research on enterprise level
>>> accessibility testing tools and want to make sure that I am not
>>> missing anything. So far we have Deque, IBM/Watchfire and HiSoft
>>> on the list. We are looking at systems capable of scanning large
>>> websites. Anyone else that we should be looking at?
>>> Mike Moore Accessibility Coordinator, DARS