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Re: Html5 canvas accessibility


From: paniz alipour
Date: Mar 25, 2011 3:12PM

Hi Jhon,

You told me that there is a lot of problem that has not been answered.
Which problems?

On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 9:23 PM, John Foliot < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> paniz alipour wrote:
> >
> > Is any paper in any conference or journal published in this
> > scope(Canvas
> > accessibility) ?
> Hi Paniz,
> As active members of the HTML5 Accessibility Task Force at the W3C,
> Steve's response to you, as well as the links supplied to you by Joshue,
> are the most accurate and current information available today. There are
> no papers or more formalized documents at this time because, frankly, the
> problem has not yet been solved properly. I can appreciate that this is
> not what you want to hear, but it is today's reality.
> If you have ideas or suggestions on how to improve things, I urge you to
> participate within the Task Force and share those ideas with Steve and
> Rich (Schwerdtfeger) and the other members of the Canvas sub-group who
> have been actively working on this issue/problem for many, many months
> now. Not only does all of the accessibility requirements need to be worked
> out (the most recent work has been with screen magnifying software
> developers AI, makers of ZoomText), but we also need to see support
> implemented by the browsers: browsers who are waiting to see what exactly
> needs to be implemented, which at this time is still being spec'ed out.
> This is a very large task/problem.
> Your enthusiasm for taking on this subject is appreciated, but I
> respectfully suggest that working within the on-going effort, rather than
> trying to start over again from the beginning, will prove more productive
> in the long run. There are still many questions that have not been
> answered. I urge you to read the links Josh supplied fully, and if you
> want to contribute, please consider joining the W3C Task Force and start
> participating on the Canvas conference calls and contributing via the
> mailing list set up at the W3C. Your participation there *will* be
> appreciated.
> As an aside, *ANYONE* can become a member of the W3C Taskforce, it does
> not require a special invitation, nor a wall full of degrees and diplomas.
> It simply requires that you care, wish to contribute, and have some time
> to give to the effort. While we are (hopefully) coming toward the end of a
> heavy round of effort on HTML5, ongoing work at the W3C never stops, and
> results and successes are achieved in large part due to volunteer effort
> from around the globe. It's fun, interesting and completely satisfying
> work effort, and well worth the time spent. Consider it.
> JF
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