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Re: ALT Text - CMS Problem


From: Bevi Chagnon | PubCom
Date: Apr 15, 2011 4:09PM

So you're using a web-CMS.
I work with high-end ones that hold everything the organization creates, not
just web pages, but every document, graphic, etc.

I think the best solution, then, is what was suggested earlier: alter the
CMS to accept " " ALT text, and teach everyone how to write ALT text.

I give my clients this book to help them write ALT text:

"Read Me First! A Style Guide for the Computer Industry," by Sun Technical
Publications. 3rd Edition.

Chapter 13 covers writing ALT text for graphics and it's quite good. The
remaining book has chapters on basic writing, document structure, and more.
(Note: earlier editions of the book do not have this section on Alt text.)

Also available electronically as an e-book or through Safari Books Online.

Some times, now matter how hard we try to educate folks about writing ALT
text, a book is able to get the message through. Maybe because it's in
print, it has the authority that you and I don't have!

— Bevi
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