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Re: Html5 canvas accessibility


From: Joshue O Connor
Date: Apr 26, 2011 4:39AM

Hi Paniz,

> why usemap wasn't accepted?

A difficlt question to answer, (and I can't recall right now the details
of the supporting/against arguments I'm afraid. What I can say, is that
it's not always the right, or correct solution or implementation that
makes it into the spec. There is a process of proposal and change
proposal, and counter change proposal in the W3C. The HTML 5 group has a
lazy concensus approach so the solution with the least amount of
pushback will usually make it.

>what was wrong with it?

Nothing. I think the whole <canvas> issue is (to quote RichS) like
"Windows 3 all over again", but the technology around the issue has
evolved. There are lots of ways to skin the cat however and solutions
are coming and going all the time. What gets implemented will probably
be on the basis of what is currently in the spec when a major release of
our favourite browsers ship, and is then implemented.

Anyway, don't know if this helps.



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