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Re: Alternative for RSA SecureID


From: David Farough
Date: Apr 27, 2011 8:15AM

We use Nortel VPN client to establish the connection to our network.
The user sets the pin for the RSA token and the client picks up the
value for the rest of the key which changes every few seconds. this way
it is not necessary for the user to be aware of the value of the key at
any given time. Just recently we have begun using a similar client from
Cisco. It works exactly the same way but seems to be a bit quicker
about establishing the connection. It can be set up to establish a
default connection upon launch which is a good thing because the
interface does not work well with Jaws out of the box.

System access has a remote computer access component which works well
and even works with Jaws and other Access technologies. Of course this
requires that the remote computer be left running unattended so security
can be an issue. Freedom Scientific offers a similar capability with
Jaws professional, but this costs extra on top of the higher price of
Jaws Professional.

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>>> Donald Evans < <EMAIL REMOVED> > 09:33 AM Wednesday, April 27,
2011 >>>
Does anyone have a recommendation for an alternative to the RSA device
blind users?

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