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Re: Detecting types of web technologies (JQuery/AJAX)


From: Angela French
Date: May 12, 2011 9:48AM

Birkir - there is something very odd about the menu system on the page you provide a link to. In IE 8 and FF when I use my mouse to hover on any of the navigation links in the top navigation, it does NOT produce the drop down sub menus. However, if I use my mouse to click on any one of the menu items, the sub menu will is displayed and thereafter I can hover over any other link and produce its sub menu.

Angela French

I am wondering if there is a tool or short cut that can analyze web pages for presence of technologies like JQuery or AJAX.
There is a page: http://www.syslumadur.is which has a list of items that produces a menus only when the mouse is used to hover over them.