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Re: Mobile App Accessibility


From: Pratik Patel
Date: May 21, 2011 7:36PM

Jim Wrote:
Note: for android. at a workshop at SXSW a google representative
stated that there is no requirement that the hardware platforms
include the accessibility API in the core of the OS. So it depends on
the phone and version as to whether the A11y API is installed. Writing
an accessible app on android may or may not work for the end user.

While Android's accessibility is certainly variable, the accessibility API
is not. The accessibility API is included in all Android experiences because
it's a part of the core. Google does not guarantee that the screen reader
and other access software developed by Google staff is included in the OS.
It is available to download from the Market as separate products.

That being said, Google's accessibility API is limited for now. There is
significant functionality that is lacking. Things such as focus are not
available for developers to tap into. Implementation of this API in apps
does make these apps more accessible. There are clear limitations to
Android; but apps can be made to be more accessible.