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Re: more accessible rollover menus


From: Carol Foster
Date: Jul 30, 2002 8:30AM

Thanks for your comments, Jon. I did try it and it was definitely unreadable.


Jon Gunderson wrote:

> While the menu may be more compatible with a particular screen reader it is
> still not accessible to people with low vision. When users configure
> browsers to ignore author colors for text and use their own colors for text
> make pull down menus very inaccessible, since text backgrounds of the pull
> downs become transparent and the menu text usually overlaps with the
> background text or graphics making the menu text un-readable.
> Try it.
> If you want mouse over effects use hover.
> Most usability experts indicate that pull down menus on web sites are not
> very usable. People don't expect them and reading menus is more difficult
> than selecting links.
> Jon

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