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RE: Screen readers or testing


From: Mark Magennis
Date: Jul 30, 2002 10:08AM


There is no substitute or testing with real people. Not only will you get
the best feedback, but by sitting with them, watching what they are doing
and talking to them about it, you will get many important insights that you
simply didn't expect and that will raise your awareness of issues to another

To recruit volunteer testers, you might try approaching whatever disability
organisations exist in your area. Members or clients of these organisations
are often only too pleased to help with testing. I recently compiled a
database of available volunteers in Ireland by emailing or phoning as many
organisations as I could think of. Here's a few examples. Although they are
Irish, it will give you an idea of who you might aim at:

Age Action Ireland
Central Remedial Clinic
Dyslexia Association of Ireland
Forum for People with Disabilities
Irish Deaf Society
National Council for the Blind of Ireland
Trinity College Disability Services
Visually Impaired Computer Society of Ireland

Some of these are charities set up to help specific kinds of people. Others
focus more on disability rights. Some are just groupings of interested
people. Notice that they are not all specifically to do with visual
impairment since accessibility is wider than that. Older people in
particular can be good to test with since they often have multiple

Cheers and good luck,



Dr. Mark Magennis EU Projects Officer

National Council for the Blind of Ireland
Whitworth Road, Dublin 9, Republic of Ireland

<EMAIL REMOVED> tel: +353 1 830 7033 x323

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