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Re: PDF accessibility repair question


From: Karlen Communications
Date: Jun 24, 2011 3:57AM

I would add that sometimes you can't use the mouse to do these types of
repairs but standard keyboard commands work with the Select Text Tool. Also
sometimes you have to select from the end of the line to the beginning or
even word by word and create Tag From Selection piece by piece...depends on
how horridly the source document was created.

Cheers, Karen

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Hi, Sean,

The current Touch Up Reading Order Tool in Acrobat isn't ideal for these
instances (yes, I'm being tactful).

Try working in the Tags panel instead. If you can select the text using
text-selection tools in Acrobat you can "Create tag from selection" in the
tags panel.

If you CANNOT select the text using the text-selection tool, then indeed,
you have larger (but not insoluble) problems.

Feel free to email me offlist if you need more help.

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On Jun 23, 2011, at 1:22 PM, Sean Keegan wrote:

> I generally think I know what I am doing with PDF documents and
> accessibility, but I am bit stumped on this one and would appreciate a
> kick to the head (or other anatomical region):
> I am working to tag PDF documents that were originally authored as MS
> PowerPoint files for a poster display presentations (with no
> consideration for accessibility) and converted to PDF using a Mac. I
> do not have access to the original MS PowerPoint files. Aside from the
annoying "z-index-type"
> issues that have occurred when using the TouchUp Reading Order (TURO)
> Tool to zone/mark the PDF documents, most of the files have been
> relatively easily to repair for accessibility issues.
> Unfortunately, I am encountering several PDF documents in which the
> TURO Tool will not zone any of the text on the screen. It is text as
> I can copy/paste the text from the document into a text application,
> but I cannot actually zone a text block and get the blue highlight
> showing what text content has been selected. Adding tags
> automatically as well as manually has also failed. I have looked in
> the Content panel and there is no information displayed in that panel
> view. Attempting to run Adobe Acrobat's OCR process fails. I have
> also tried exporting the document as an Image file (to then run
> through OmniPage), but I cannot export any derivative of the PDF. There
is no security on the document.
> So, at this point, I have a PDF document with text on the screen, but
> cannot use any of the accessibility tools (or any tool actually) to
> fix the document for accessibility purposes. Has anyone else run into
> this sort of document situation and found a solution for adding tags?
> Take care,
> Sean