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Re: built-in speech in Acrobat


From: Karlen Communications
Date: Aug 22, 2011 2:03PM

You can find the Read Out Loud tool in the View menu at the end of the menu
so just press Up Arrow. It has a sub-menu and the first thing you need to do
is to activate it. This is not authorization but is just in effect turning
it on. Once you've finished, remember to go back and deactivate it or turn
it off.

Read Out Loud is a TTS or Text-to-Speech tool with only a few controls: read
page and read document. It does depend on the Tags to read the document
correctly. So it is not as robust as a screen reader or even other TTS tools
and is meant primarily as a demonstration or idea of what the document would
be when read using AT. Although you can use it for quality assurance on
tagged PDF, due to its limitations and the fact that it will often not read
things that a screen reader will, it should not be the only speech output
tool used.

Cheers, Karen

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never having used it myself I can't remember where to find the Acrobat
reader speech. As well, I was wondering how dependent is the built-in
speech on document structure and tagging. Will the built-in speech know how
to deal with multicolumn text. Thanks for the help Lucy

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