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From: Terzian, Sharon
Date: Sep 21, 2011 2:57PM

Hi, I've been on this listserv for years and though I haven't posted, I've learned a lot from all of you

I just started using MAGpie 2.5 on a windows based computer, I have a (now edited down to) 10 minute video, which I could output to ANY format as I do have Premiere and know video....

I also have the script as a text file, I did all the work in MAGpie (using an .avi file, it wouldn't open the .wmv file at all) and exported it and it works fine on this computer, running on windows media player, captioning is fine, I then saved all the raw files to a DVD and running that on this computer also
has the captioning showing up....but take it to my laptop (and it has to play on someone else's laptop) and it doesn't work.....I redid the whole thing, including downloading MAGpie again for the laptop and it just doesn't show up, I checked all the settings, tried quicktime and windows media
player (captioning is checked off as an option)

I find though there is very basic documentation online, there isn't really any help, I did join the listserv but other than join, I don't know where to send that a message or where to ask for help, if I cannot get this going, I will end up having to run just a straight line of text
across the bottom (black backgound) via editing (time consuming!)

I did love the way MAGpie works and as I've said it seemed to do the job, but not in general, I also would like to know if you can get the file to a REAL DVD output (that would play on a REAL DVD with the captioning)

any help greatly appreciated and if I'm not asking in the 'right' place, please point me!


sharon t
webmistress/sherlock center on disabilities/rhode island college
adjunct professor/CIS/rhode island college school of management