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Re: Accessibility and frames, any special considerations?


From: Lucy Greco
Date: Sep 28, 2011 10:00AM

It's been a long time but I do remember I have had problems in the pass. Screen readers might not see the frame or if they did they might not get out of it or the worst case was bleed through. I think modern iframs are more useable but it is a training problem to teach the idea.

Lucy Greco
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Disabled Student's Program UC Berkeley
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Greetings, listers.

I have been asked about the accessibility of iFrames, and I have to admit to not knowing much about iFrames really.
I have Googled some keywords but don't find anyting more recent than
2007 or 2008.
Has anyone on here worked with iFrames and run into any particular accessibility issues or do's and dont's?