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From: Ryan Hemphill
Date: Oct 28, 2011 2:27PM

This idea really touched me and I felt the need to push it out there. These
guys are trying to create a software game called "BlindSide" that is not
only accessible, it's has no video at all. One of the guys was temporarily
blind in High School and thought it would be great to create a game based on
being blind in a 3d environment, filled with high-def sound effects. They're
looking for a little startup help. Decide for yourself but I think it's
worth checking out at the least. No, I do not know these guys, so please
don't slam me for this.

FYI - you will also notice that the kickstarter.com site has some
accessibility issues of their own, but if it means anything to you - I have
already submitted an email offering to help show them (pro bono) how to fix
the issues. So once again, try not to be too hard on me for this. Just
trying to give fellow programmers credit where I think it's due.