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Re: please test these expanding content areas for me


From: David Farough
Date: Nov 16, 2011 9:03AM

Hi Angela:
Using Jaws 12 and IE8 I was able to move to the headings and expand
them by pressing enter. I would not have known to do this if I had not
read your e-mail. I also noticed a number of links which were titled
college. once I expanded the heading, I could tab to and see the links
within the section I expanded. When I listed the links using the Jaws
links list functionality, the links within the section appeared only
after I expanded the section. Therefore if I don't know enough to
expand the section I will not have access to the links within that

I noticed as well that when I moved to the next expandible heading,
that expanding that heading also caused the previously expanded section
to be collapsed. I only noticed this because I was looking at the
screen at the time. I would not have expected this to happen.

David Farough
Application Accessibility Coordinator/coordonateur de l'accessibilité
Information Technology Services Directorate /
Direction des services d'information technologiques
Public Service Commission / Commission de la fonction publique
Email / Courriel: <EMAIL REMOVED>
Tel. / Tél: (613) 992-2779

>>> Angela French < <EMAIL REMOVED> > 04:45 PM Tuesday, November 15,
2011 >>>
Would it be possible for some screen reader users to tell me if it is
possible (and practical) to navigate to the content that is in the
expanding content areas on this page?
http://sbctc.edu/college/f_tuitionwaivers.aspx . I doubt if they are
accessible by screen readers as I can't seem to tab to them.

The first expanding area is entitled "Mandatory Waivers". Inside that
expanding content area are links to 4 other web pages. These are the 4
link labels inside the expanded content.

Children and Spouse of Totally Disabled or POW/MIA or Deceased Eligible
Veterans or National Guard

Children and Spouses of Deceased or Disabled Law Enforcement Officers
or Firefighters

Washington Award for Vocational Excellence (Inactive)

Washington Scholars

Thank you very much.

Angela French
Internet Specialist
State Board for Community and Technical Colleges