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Re: EPUB 3 and accessibility for ebooks


From: Karen Mardahl
Date: Nov 23, 2011 3:18PM

This is just to say thanks so much to David, Kevin, and John for your
answers. I find this very helpful, and I hope the mere presence of this
thread in the archives will benefit others.

I forgot about my mobile device. I can read epub on my iPhone (4S). I don't
really like to. I am between prescriptions on my glasses, so reading long
texts is just not comfortable. I prefer saving such jobs for when I am in
front of a computer with a large screen. Comfortable reading on the iPhone
means holding it in front of my nose and reading without glasses. Tweets
are fine, but not a book that requires concentration. I've actually thought
that this might tip me over to learning VoiceOver for myself simply to
avoid that visual bother.

Regards, Karen Mardahl