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Accessibility Myths 2011 part 2 published


From: Jonathan Hassell
Date: Jan 12, 2012 5:51AM

After a huge amount of interest and debate around Part One of my Web Accessibility Myths for 2011-12... 

I've now published my follow-up Part Two which shines a light on more false assumptions for the start of 2012 at: http://www.hassellinclusion.com/2012/01/web-accessibility-myths-2011-part2/

Being demolished this time: 
- Accessibility and inclusive design are anti-creative; 
- Accessibility and inclusive design help everyone; 
- Disabled people use assistive technologies; 
- Accessibility’s just about blind people – now for platforms; 
- Text is more accessible than other media; 
- The most important accessibility requirement for images is alt-text; 
- The most important people in accessibility are developers; 
- It doesn’t matter if your mobile site/app isn’t accessible, just as long as the desktop version is;
- Websites have to be accessible from the start; 
- BS8878 is just for huge companies

I'd be delighted it you'd check it out, and add your comments to the discussion...

Best regards


Prof Jonathan Hassell
Director, Hassell Inclusion