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Re: Keyboard Users and What They Use


From: Rakesh
Date: Jan 15, 2012 1:09AM

Hi Lisa,

On 15-01-2012 02:44, LSnider wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> For those who use keyboard only navigation, the tab key is most used from
> what I have read. Do you use arrow keys a lot? If so, when do you use them?
> I am a screen reader user so I use only keyboard. Generally I don't use tab key. I use arrow keys espicially down arrow key (In any given web page I press "cntrl + home to go to the top of the page and press down arrow to move to various elements of the page). To activate any link or form element i use space bar.
> When you tab to a link you want to go to, for example a hidden skip to
> navigation link, do you press enter or some other key? I just wanted to
> confirm that this is the only way to activate this link...
> I am a mouse user, so I only play with keyboard navigation and wondered if
> I was missing some tricks of the trade!
> Cheers
> Lisa