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Re: Forms in Tables


From: Lucy Greco
Date: Jan 18, 2012 2:27PM

If your only using the table to lay out the form don't. the table as a form is ok but it should not just be a table to lay out the form. I go to a site every day ware I use a table that is a form and I don't find it hard to use. The reason for the table in this case is I am picking how many of each item I want to act on. but a table just for lay out is not worth it.

Lucy Greco
Assistive Technology Specialist
Disabled Student's Program UC Berkeley
(510) 643-7591

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I don't see that it's a problem, as long as the form fields have explicit
labels. :)

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Subject: [WebAIM] Forms in Tables

> Hi,
> I was wondering if this group is of the general opinion that form fields
> should be kept out of data tables in HTML. Using assistive technology to
> navigate a data table is one thing, and using assistive technology to
> navigate a form is another. Should trying to combine the two be
> discouraged?
> Visual designers like to line everything up and to conserve space on a
> page
> by using tables, so it's difficult to discourage them from doing so. And
> I'm talking about legitimate data tables here, not simply using the table
> element as a layout device. Picture a data table that users can "act on",
> like maybe a "Notes" input field at the end of each row.
> My gut reaction is to tell the design team to keep tables and forms
> separate, but would that be going too far? Would it be too strict (and
> unnecessary) of a requirement to tell them *never* to do so?
> Just looking for some opinions on the topic.
> Thanks,
> David Ashleydale