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Re: how to best indicate facets to screen reader users?


From: Ryan Hemphill
Date: Jan 25, 2012 11:51AM

This is a very typical issue that I have been running into and it
demonstrates some of the missing aspects of the current draft of ARIA. My
first option would to be either to send an aria-live notification/update
and somehow provide information and links that allow the user to jump back
and forth between these facets.

We are working on an RIA currently that is supposed to house a whole slew
of programs that have strong contextual relationships, so trust me when I
say that I feel your pain.


On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 12:11 PM, Lucy Greco < <EMAIL REMOVED> >wrote:

> Hello:
> I have recently looked at a project that used them a lot. And the best
> thing we could come up with was labeling them narrow your search .
> We had three different types of facets
> We had edit boxes and combo boxes and check boxes. The way we did it was
> For the edit field we said type a word or words you want to be included
> to narrow your search
> For the combo boxes we said pick witch department would you like to narrow
> your search to
> And for the check boxes we changed it to would you like to pick this to
> look only at.... witch was three different timeframes.
> Hope this helps Lucy
> .
> p.s. we also had a button to add more of the same fields to expand the
> search. .
> Lucy Greco
> Assistive Technology Specialist
> Disabled Student's Program UC Berkeley
> (510) 643-7591
> http://attlc.berkeley.edu
> http://webaccess.berkeley.edu
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> > I can't imagine the most
> > people know that they are called "facets" unless they work in web
> > design, librarianship, or some other information-related field.
> I obviously work in this field and I have no idea what you're talking
> about. Do you have an example of facets?
> I think the fact I (and I suppose most people) don't know what they
> are indicates that labeling them "facets" probably isn't going to
> help.
> Jared