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Table Headings


From: Tim Harshbarger
Date: Aug 26, 2002 4:28PM


I need advice on how best to accomplish something.

Basically, this web page includes a very lengthy table. When the user
scrolls down the page, this causes the table headings to scroll off the
visible page. Is there a way to keep the table headings static while
allowing the rest of the content to scroll. I think there may be a way to
do this with CSS, but I am not 100% certain how best to accomplish this.

Right now, the proposed solution is an accessibility nightmare. Basically,
they are wanting to have 2 separate tables. The first one containing the
headings and the second one containing the contents of the table. The
heading part of the table will be made part of a frame. Yikes!!!

Any help is appreciated immensely!