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Screen Reader trying to read C# code with "indentation" or tabbing.


From: Giovanni Duarte
Date: Feb 28, 2012 11:06AM

I am not sure how to explain the issue very well but here it goes. I have a
student who has problems "understanding" or "reading" C# code in a web page.
The student is supposed to reuse the code inside Visual Studio; however, the
screen reader doesn't seem to tell him when the code is "indented" or
"tabbed". In the HTML page, the code has been set as a "list" so I decided
to put the code in Microsoft Word and send it indented and not as a bullet
list. The student still has issues. JAWS 13 reads all text as if it was
aligned to the left - without indentations.
How can a screen reader user tell when code is indented or tabbed? How
should I set (format) this in an HTML page or Microsoft Word? Is there a
setting the student should be using under JAWS?

Please access the example using the link below.