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Re: Language Toggle


From: Elizabeth J. Pyatt
Date: Feb 29, 2012 1:57PM

I would guess that it should be near the top in the code even if CSS is used to move it to the right. You don't want the person on the screen reader to have to plow through too much non-native content before getting to the right option.

Some other factors to consider.
* Language names should be in the native language (e.g. "Español, Français, Deutsch"). Flag icons should be avoided also (language names instead) - that's a globalization recommendation ;)
* Make sure there's a separate SUBMIT button on the switcher. I've seen blind users accidentally end up on the wrong language because they would hit ENTER to navigate a language menu, but were then prematurely directed to a particular page.
* Each page should should include the correct "lang=" attribute in the HTML tag (even the English page). This triggers changes in pronunciation engines for screen readers.

Hope this helps


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> If you have a website in various languages where is best to place the
> language toggle? To make it accessible is it good to place it on top or
> below a header tag?