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National Dialogue on Improving the Section 508 Program


From: Jennison Mark Asuncion
Date: Mar 19, 2012 6:39PM

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Subject: [Athen] RE: National Dialogue on Improving the Section 508 Program
From: "Laurie Vasquez" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
Date: Mon, March 19, 2012 4:22 pm
To: "Access Technology Higher Education Network"

Update from White House -

Recognizing that we still needed to do more, in July 2011, the
President announced an effort to develop a strategic plan for Section
508 and the intent to share the strategy with the public.
To support development of this plan, senior officials and staff from
across the Executive Office of the President have met with advocacy
groups, Section 508 coordinators, the CIOC Accessibility Committee, the
Access Board, the General Services Administration, and other key
stakeholders inside and outside the government. We have taken the
information from the listening sessions as well as all the input
received through various stakeholder meetings and pulled together a
framework for the next phase in our efforts to improve Section 508

That*s where you come in.

Before proceeding further with development of the strategic plan, we
are seeking your input and expertise. Taking into account ideas from all
the stakeholders we*ve met with so far, we posted a strategy document on
www.section508.ideascale.com [ http://www.section508.ideascale.com ].


We are seeking your comments on what has been proposed, encouraging you
to propose broad management strategies, tactics, and actions than can
ultimately hep Federal agencies better comply with Section 508. Select
this link for more information about the goals for this dialogue (
http://section508strategy.ideascale.com/a/pages/dialogue ) and the next
steps to be completed when this dialogue ends on April 9, 2012.