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Re: Font resizing and change contrast


From: Shawn Henry
Date: Mar 28, 2012 6:53AM

Hi Barry,

I agree with L=E9onie.

For more ideas on this, see "Text Resize Widgets and Fishing" at http://www=
Under "More perspectives" are links to others.


On 3/28/2012 4:26 AM, Barry Hill wrote:
> Hi all
> Just joined yesterday, and already have a query for you all.
> What is the collective wisdom regarding *Change font size* and *Change
> contrast* links on a web page?
> My thinking is that they are not needed if the text and contrast are set =
> the CSS and can be changed by the browser. Most people who need these
> access adjustments will know how to alter it in the browser and, if they
> don't, then they will struggle with most of the internet.
> Of course, a link to instructions on how to change the browser settings
> would be useful.
> However, as I am blind, these access settings are superfluous to me, so I
> might be coming at this from a rather bias perspective.
> Cheers
> Barry
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