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Math accessibility experts needed to serve as NSF reviewers


From: Noble,Stephen L.
Date: Mar 28, 2012 11:56AM

Over the past several months, a number of folks in the accessibility commun=
ity have been engaged in a continuing dialogue with federal agency staff ab=
out the need to do a better job at ensuring that research projects which de=
velop software, educational materials and other electronic resources are cr=
eated in an accessible format=85especially with an eye toward ensuring that=
STEM content (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is accessi=
ble to students and others with disabilities.

One suggestion we made was for agencies to recruit more grant reviewers who=
are familiar with principles of STEM accessibility.

The National Science Foundation is currently recruiting reviewers, and I wa=
s told that they would welcome =93many more experts as potential reviewers.=
=94 I encourage those of you with expertise in math accessibility and other=
areas of STEM accessibility to contact NSF as a potential reviewer.

Please see the language below, and contact the two NSF staff mentioned. Be =
sure to mention any expertise you have in STEM accessibility.

REVIEWING PROPOSALS: The Research in Disabilities Education (RDE)
program seeks to expand its reviewer pool. If you would like to
volunteer, please send the appropriate information to Mr. Corey Hynson
at <EMAIL REMOVED> , or to Dr. Mary Moriarty at <EMAIL REMOVED> . Include
a curriculum vitae and a brief description of your research expertise in
your e-mail. RDE staff will contact you if your area of expertise is
relevant and reviews are needed in your area.

Thanks for your help in this important effort.

--Steve Noble