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New Jaws 13 Fixes


From: Patrick Burke
Date: Apr 25, 2012 12:54PM

* Hi everyone,
* There's a new update of Jaws 13. Here are the browser-related
fixes in the new version (plus for Excel, since that has been a topic
* From:

* Improved how JAWS works in ARIA menus in Internet Explorer and Firefox.
* In Internet Explorer, If an ARIA live region is inside of an
iframe, JAWS will now read the live region as expected.
* Improved JAWS reading when navigating in ARIA treeviews in Firefox 11.
* JAWS now correctly recognizes the datatable=0 tag attribute in Firefox.

* Resolved an issue with the GetColumnText built--in script
function not working as expected in Microsoft Excel.

* Resolved a customer reported issue where Excel 2010 on Windows
XP would unexpectedly close when attempting to navigate in the Names
Manager dialog box.

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