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Re: Sample Sites


From: Timothy J. Luoma
Date: Aug 30, 2002 3:08PM

Kevin Spruill wrote:
> What about keyboard accessibility?

I take it very seriously. In fact keyboard access is the only topic
getting 2 days worth of topics in the series below.

> I notice that you don't use tabindexing?

I don't change the default tab indexing true, but then again I've never
really found the need <em>for the sites that I have worked on</em>.

Maybe I'm missing something (well, I know I'm missing something,
probably lots of things... I can't wait to see Joe's book next
month!!!). I would think it would be disorienting to change the way
that tabs are handled.

Then again, I haven't played around with it all that much to see what
effect it has in different browsers. Which

> Keep up the good work!

Thanks, I'm trying.

We have a member of the congregation who is blind, as is the father of a
good friend of mine from college, I have a family member with epilepsy
which affects a whole host of cognitive responses, and so on.... The
first two are into the web big-time, and the second loves to see
pictures of our son, since we live far away, so these concerns are a bit
personal to me, but also I just like to be able to say that I design
sites better than most because 97.6% of the world seems ignorant of
standards and accessibility.


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