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RE: keyboard access [was Re: Sample Sites]


From: Emma Jane Hogbin
Date: Aug 30, 2002 4:17PM

>As a general rule, it is not necessary to alter the default tab order of
>the links or form fields. Most of the time, when a page is designed
>well, the default tab order will be the most logical tab order.

Oooops! I was actually thinking of accesskeys, not tab index! Sorry about
that. I agree that changing the tab index of a page can make it a little
confusing. The only time I can think of when I'd use it is on a form --
starting on the first element to fill in instead of the navigation....

>Checkpoints are given a level, or priority, based on the relative
>"importance" or benefits that they offer to accessibility. Of course,
>this is very subjective.


>In general, levels or priorities are not assigned based on ease of
>compliance. As such, some level 3 items are easier to accomplish than
>some level 1 or 2 items.

This is nice to have confirmed. When I first started looking at the
checkpoints I thought they were meant to be in order of ease of
implementation. (Because it's pretty easy to add an alt attribute!)
Recently, however, I've been more and more aware of how hard (expensive?)
it can be to accomplish Priority One on a site with video clips.

emma :)

Emma Jane Hogbin
[ 416 417 2868 ] [ <EMAIL REMOVED> ] [ www.xtrinsic.com ]

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