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making footnotes accessible in PDF documents


From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: May 26, 2012 2:09PM

Before posting to the list to ask about how to make footnotes
accessible in PDF documents, I did some searching on the Web. But the
information I found didn't seem as current as I'd prefer.

For example, I found this discussion on the Accessify Forum, from 2008:

I'd appreciate it if folks could give me some guidance about how best
to make footnotes accessible in PDFs. I do believe that footnotes are
better than endnotes, and it certainly would be ideal if there were a
way to navigate/jump to the footnote, and then jump back to the place
I was, in the text, without having to insert a new link for each
footnote, to make this possible.

If anyone has a publicly available sample of best practices, I'd
appreciate a link. I've never seen an accessible PDF with footnotes,
so I'm pleased to be working on a project where I can help implement this.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.