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Re: making footnotes accessible in PDF documents


From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: May 27, 2012 11:17PM


Thanks for your post, Ryan. I believe Duff's response, along with
additional responses I received off-list, will enable me to clearly
outline choices to my client.

Converting an already-remediated 133-page document from PDF back to
Word, and then back to PDF again, just to fix the footnotes, isn't an
option, as far as I am concerned.

Also, I guess I wasn't clear, but writing *ANY* Javascript isn't an
option. These folks want to use Adobe's tools and not have to insert
Javascript in each of the documents they produce. I'm sure they want
to make the best choice (in terms of how Adobe EXPECTS footnotes to
be implemented) and stick with it among their documents -- both so
that they can manage their site visitors expectations and so that if
they want to update documents, when there's additional PDF
functionality, they'll be able to develop a stream-lined process to
update, as resources permit.

In my experience, while we might want to think that convention comes
down to a person's preference, that's rarely realistic in a business
setting. Rather, I find that document-preparation conventions
typically come down to the producer's preferences, which TRY to take
industry preferences and the expectations of those in a particular
field into account. It's a producer's responsibility to manage
readers' expectations of how documents will work for everyone.

Thanks to everyone for their time over this holiday weekend. Please
enjoy the rest of it.