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From: Lucia Greco
Date: Jun 1, 2012 11:52AM

Yes and the last two weeks every time I get one I can't answer it
First they make it so a blind person needs to enter 6 or more words when the
sited person gets two and now it's harder to here this needs a better answer

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Halfway through the article I thought to myself "Oh, I know how they can
beat the exploit: Munge the sound even more and make it more inaccessible. "
Sure enough, that's exactly what they did. Ugh

Karl Groves

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> Summary of the link below: Some guys figured out how to crack Google's
> reCAPTCHA by audio mining the audio description used by visually impaired
> users. To thwart this new security hole, Google has made it even more
> difficult to decipher the audio description.
> http://arstechnica.com/security/2012/05/google-recaptcha-brought-to-its-
> knees/
> What can be done to stop reCAPTCHA from becoming increasingly
> inaccessible? Should we start a movement to kill reCAPTCHA? How about
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