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Re: Links vs. Buttons


From: Jesse Hausler
Date: Jun 4, 2012 11:38AM

I would ask for buttons on form submissions, but beyond that I'll take a link over a clickable <div> any day of the week :)

On 6/4/12 8:15 AM, "Heidi Jungel" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

Good Morning/Afternoon

I could not find anything in our archives related to this. We have a discussion in my organization regarding links.
I find that many sites abuse the use of links and use links for everything- even button type action. I have often used the following quote:

"Links are for navigation (I.e. To another section of a page or another page). Buttons are for actions"

However, I am a getting a bit of a push back on this. What are your thoughts on this? Are sites abusing links? Does using a button hinder the virtual cursor on screen readers (I have not seen this being a problem in JAWS 12)?

We are just trying to get a guideline set for this for our developers.
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