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Recording FireEyes scripts as a scren reader user, is that possible?


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Jun 20, 2012 2:49PM

Good afternoon gang.

I had a serious back and sholder sprain, so I spent the last few days
suffering, eting Motrin and tylanol in super large dozes between trips
to hospitals and physiotherapists , and hoping to get better.
Fortunately it appears that wish is finally coming true.
One of my first tasks next week is to play around with FireEyes.
One thing FireEyes offers that I can't find elsewhere is to record a
script (series of steps) that produces a page.
This could be either logging in to a website, or typing in a
particular search term to produce a results page.
You press "record" then you execute a series of steps to produce a
page, and FireEyes records all your actions to be reproduced later.

I had a training sesssion doing this (and other FireEyes-related
things) with one of the Deque developers, but we quickly ran into a
It appears that it is impossible to use screen reader hot keys to
reproduce the series of steps for the scripts.
For instance, with Jaws I'd press "e" to get to an edit field, then
enter to go into forms mode. Then I type in a search term and press
tab to find a "search" button and then enter again to produce the
search results page.
According to what I was told at Deque, these scripts do not work with
the screen reader buffer, but directly with the browser (so the "e"
key will not dump me in the next edit field).
It sounds like the only other alternative to this would be to use tab
key to find the field, but since the FireEyes script execution works
in real time, it could take a very long time to reproduce the
Has anyone played around with this scripting as a blind accessibility expet?
What work arounds did you find to get this working (other than just
asking some poor sighted soul to create the script for you in the
first place)?