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scope - fluff or truly useful in the midterm? Opinions please!


From: Nathalie Sequeira
Date: Jun 24, 2012 1:55AM


Currently the CALS table model, which is largely focussed on visual
presentation, is undergoing a revision in the docBook TC to include
markup for accessibility.
While it is clear that adding a "headers"-attribute for unambiguous
attribution of table header id's to data cells (as in HTML) will be very
useful in complex table markup, I am not so sure about "scope".

AFAIK, scope is not so useful for complex tables given its non-universal
support in UAs - and in simpler markup situations the W3C techniques
actually point to bare th - td structures ( see
which would make "scope" redundant?

So, do you use scope? (or would you like to in a world of 100% UA support?)
Do you know of good examples for its use?

Thanks for your views on this!

P.S. sorry for any cross-postings, as I am asking this questions in
various places ;)