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WAI ARIA help.. select boxes that are populated via AJAX


From: Nancy Johnson
Date: Jul 27, 2012 7:26AM


I am still a newbie to WAI-ARIA and wondering if anyone can help me
with the following:

We are updating our search functionality on our live site and will be
calling data via AJAX. in the following way:

When a user comes to a search page, there will be two or three select
boxes with only the first select input be enabled.

1. The user picks an entry in the first select box.
2. This enables the second box and populates it via AJAX based on the
selection in the first box.
3. The third box is Optional, but it will be populated based on the
first and second selection via AJAX

I understand from the backend developers, they are going use an
onChange event to make the changes

For accessibility, do we need to add WAI-ARIA live regions to the
<select input?
I found this online. Would this be an answer for what I need?

Can someone explain or point me to good references with good set of
demos or samples?

Thank you
Nancy Johnson