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From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: Jul 30, 2012 9:27AM

Greetings, WebAIM list members:

Since WordPress is often discussed on WebAIM, I'd
like to point out several recent blog posts and
links that have been circulating on Twitter. If
you're interested in improving the accessibility
of WordPress, now is a good time to get involved.

I'd recommend focusing attention on contributing
to (or adding new) Trac tickets, rather than
necessarily commenting on blog posts (where
comments may never reach the Trac tickets that end up mattering most).

But I include these blog posts as pointers.

The Make WordPress Accessibility blog has been
around for a while, with what I'd call an initial
burst of enthusiasm, but limited use
thereafter. However, there've been several
recent posts with particular focus on TabIndex. See:


I think the use of Tabindex is a topic that needs
particular focus (pun intended, if it works) and
resolution; some of the information in the
WordPress community sometimes seems a bit out of
date, and kudos to those in our community who I
often seen trying to address that.

Here are a few recent tweets with links on this subject of WordPress:

From me, @jsutt:
Kudos to @cannona for his work on #Wordpress to
improve names for add buttons: http://t.co/Mfy8njK9 #a11y

From@coolfields (from most recent to oldest, I believe):

Current state of #WordPress #Accessibility
tickets http://tinyurl.com/chycftb some flagged for 3.5 already. #a11y

Those interested in #WordPress #Accessibility
should get involved at
http://make.wordpress.org/ui/ and help mould the future. #a11y

New Blog Post: Work starting on #WordPress 3.5 –
Time to raise those #accessibility tickets
http://tinyurl.com/coofnzd #a11y #wcuk

Thanks for your efforts and interest.