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Re: Creating accessible radio button list (or list of check boxes) in Word


From: Duff Johnson
Date: Aug 23, 2012 9:03AM


> Is there a better built-in way to accessibly create controls in Word
> for this, and would those be exported with any success to, say PDF?

Our CommonLook Office does two things relevant to your inquiry.

1) CommonLook Office makes several assumptions about form fields in Word documents:

- Form fields will be converted to PDF in the tab order in which they appear in the Word document.
- Tab order will be set to follow the logical structure of the document.
- Text Help will be converted to a tooltip.
- Radio buttons will be converted to mutually exclusive checkboxes that have the appearance of radio buttons.

2) Once validation of the Word (or PowerPoint) form is complete, CommonLook Office will produce a tagged and accessible PDF file.

NOTE: CommonLook Office is a tool for most MS Office users; as such it includes tools that require mousing, etc.

Best regards,

Duff Johnson

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