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can someone recommend blind friendly elearning software or system


From: Zde┼łek Vopat
Date: Sep 18, 2012 2:37PM

Hello listers:

I am a blind user of jaws and I would like to start an elearning site, where
I could teach social science courses using jaws. Can someone point me to
write solution?

My requirements are as follows:

1. audio or video conferencing where I would talk to students and they would
send me their questions by chat on the same principe as jaws webinars or

2. way that sutdents could access online notes which would be password
protected but the students could not download them.

3. students would first pay for my course and then they would receive a

4. giving online tests that would students do online.

Just a regular elearning.

If you could guys point me to the right direction I would be thankful to

Also do you know what happend to European project on accessible elearning
alpe? The email address of the project <EMAIL REMOVED>

does not function.

Anyway what elearning solution could you recommend and what would be its
cost and if jaws scripting would be needed what would that cost.