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Re: examples of good practice with pdfs?


From: John E Brandt
Date: Sep 24, 2012 8:48AM

I've tried to pull this stuff together for a series I've done on accessible
digital documents.

Here is my resource:

And here is a nice set of "cheat sheets" created by The National Center on
Disabilities and Access to Education - Goals Project
http://ncdae.org/resources/cheatSheet.pdf The one on Accessible PDFs is the
last "page" of this document.


John E. Brandt
Augusta, Maine, USA

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Subject: [WebAIM] examples of good practice with pdfs?

I am involved with the ACTOER Project (Accessibility Challenges and
Techniques for Open Educational Resources
http://actoer.referata.com/wiki/Main_Page) whose aim is to investigate and
improve accessibility support in Open Educational Resources. We are really
keen on singposting people to examples of good practice and case studies
which offer real-life examples of accessible resources. Could anyone on the
list direct me to projects and/or individual resources which focus on pdf
accessibility? I am not looking for guides to creating accessible pdfs, what
I am after (and have had real trouble finding) are examples of real-life
teaching resources in pdf format which could be used to tell people "this is
what an accessible pdf" looks like. Equally, examples of bad practice would
be useful as well. Many thanks if anyone can help - I am getting somewhat
frustrated with not being able to get anything useful after hours of
searching on the net.


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