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RE: Adobe Acrobat 5.0


From: Paul Bohman
Date: Sep 9, 2002 4:41PM

That's great that you've decided to make your PDF documents more

If you haven't already done so, try these resources:

WebAIM article on PDF accessibility-

Adobe PDF accessibility main page

Adobe tutorial:

The short story is that the documents have to be created accessibly,
with true headings (e.g. not just bold text), alt text for images, table
headings, and so on. Tables need to be as simple as possible. Graphs,
charts and other complex objects need to be explained in text. In other
words, apply the same type of accessibility techniques to PDF as you
would to HTML. And, the truth is, it's still a good idea to provide an
HTML alternative in addition to the PDF file, giving the user the
ability to choose between them.

Paul Bohman
Technology Coordinator
WebAIM (Web Accessibility in Mind)
Center for Persons with Disabilities
Utah State University

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From: House, Kate [mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> ]
Sent: Monday, September 09, 2002 7:45 AM
Subject: Adobe Acrobat 5.0

We are trying to make sure that going forward, any PDFs that we include
our apps are as accessible as humanly (and economically) possible. I
that Acrobat 5.0 is supposed to be a huge improvement over earlier
in terms of accessibility, but when we are spec'ing out a work order for
vendors, are there any specifics of 5.0 that we should be highlighting?
Should we just recommend using the "accessibility palette" in 5.0,
the "accessibility checker"? I know that you can double-check for alt
and sizing of individual elements of a PDF, but what else?

Many thanks for your time.

Kate House
Online Services & Multimedia Development
Prentice Hall (Pearson Education)
p: 781.433.8406
f: 781.455.1718

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