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Re: how is list-style-type:none communicated to screenreader?


From: Angela French
Date: Oct 30, 2012 12:11PM

>CSS list-style-type has no impact on screen reader accessibility. The screen
>reader will read the list type based on the markup - either as an ordered or
>an unordered list.

Jared - I'm working on coming up with an accessible means of creating footnotes. I want the list item number to link back to the original reference to the footnote. Since I can't apply a hyperlink to the list item number itself, I was thinking of styling it with list-item-style:none, then inserting the number as content into the <li> text. It seemed to be the correct thing to do semantically to make my footnotes into a list. But perhaps I would be creating a burdensome redundancy for screen readers if I did that?

<li><a href="#fn1">1</a> Text here</li>