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Re: Generic Links


From: Sailesh Panchang
Date: Oct 30, 2012 4:30PM

>>At Level AA, "more" and "click
> here", etc. are allowed so long as the link makes sense in its
> context, which based on WCAG's definition of this makes it nearly
> impossible to fail. And in the cases where it would fail the context
> requirement, it would almost certainly still pass because links that
> are ambiguous to everyone are excluded.
> In short, I wouldn't worry a lot about "More" links.
Well the key is "WCAG2's definition of context" and the context is
often not programmatically associated with the link via"same
sentence, paragraph, list item, the heading immediately preceding the
link, or table cell as the link, or in the table header cell for a

So where the Click here / More / Read more links are outside the
sentence / paragraph or the containing data table is not marked up
properly or there no h<n> tags above the link, the link will fail SC
2.4.4 (AA)
And this is certainly not uncommon.
The Click here/Read more links are not generally "ambiguous to users
in general" in these cases as the context can be determined visually
... not via markup.

Sailesh Panchang