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Re: how is list-style-type:none communicated toscreenreader?


From: Angela French
Date: Oct 31, 2012 9:53AM

>Jared Smith wrote:
>"Thank you for the additional information... This behavior in JAWS is not
>something I had previously realized. I just tested in VoiceOver and the
>behavior is identical to JAWS."
>It's a behaviour that can be problematic, because it effectively converts an
>ordered list into an unordered list. The sequential semantics are entirely lost
>to screen readers.
Leonie - I would be interested to hear how my footnotes presented in the table linked to below preform:

Is it clearly conveyed that they are footnotes and can you get navigate between the table and the footnotes and back easily? I used an ordered list and styled it list-style-type:none and instead typed in the list item numbers so that I could style them and apply a link back to the table. While that is primarily for sighted users, I've also put a link back to the table at the end of each footnote, which is displayed off screen. I thought having the link back at the end of the footnote would make getting back easier for screen reader users. If that links doesn't add value I might as well remove it.

Angela French