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Re: Any recommendations for good Firebug/Fireeyes tutorial, especially from a screen reader perspective?


From: Patrick Burke
Date: Nov 29, 2012 3:01PM

I have little info beyond this, but here are a couple items:

Marco Zehe has an old (2009) but still useful-sounding article from
when they first got ARIA support into Firebug. He gives several
examples of how it can be used:

The documentation Marco links to has been moved. It's by Hans Hillen
of The Paciello Group, & has some outdated refernces (to Firefox 3!),
but otherwise is as essential as Marco claims.:

A couple other add-ons that I have links to (do they work with screen

Firefocus, tracks where focus will be on the page:

Ainspector helps with ... other stuff:

At 01:22 PM 11/29/2012, Tony Olivero wrote:
>Feel free to contact me off list. I've done some draft tutorials and I'm
>working on more.
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>Subject: Re: [WebAIM] Any recommendations for good Firebug/Fireeyes
>tutorial, especially from a screen reader perspective?
>If anyone has used these with a screen reader that information would be
>helpful to. I am trying to learn how to use them both with the added amp
>tool bars and have had no luck so I would love the information to.
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>Subject: [WebAIM] Any recommendations for good Firebug/Fireeyes tutorial,
>especially from a screen reader perspective?
>Yea wise people
>I want to move into the realm of younder Javascript debugging and such like.
>I have installed and updated Firebug and Fireeyes to work with my
>Firefox v16 browser.
>I have a few pointers on what to do, and I am one who is always
>entertained by clicking any button in sight and watching what happens
>next, but if anyone has a useful guide that may help point me in the
>right direction or pointing out some neat non-obvious functionality of
>this potent combination, such knowledge would be like quality music to
>my ears (Gangnam style). ;)
>If anyone can share any resource with me, it's always appreciated. I
>will definitely write up my experience, create a little guide and post
>on my Wordpess site (which under construction, once it has anything
>useful on it I'll post its adress to the list, as long as that is
>considered appropriate, it will be dedicated to web, PDF and epub
>accessibility entirely).
>Thanks, as always, good lister
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