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Pasting title of a news story invissibly into its "read more" link


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Dec 18, 2012 7:15PM

Oh yea wise ones.

I am helping with development on a page with quite a few news stories.
The way it is set up now, unfortunately, is that the news title is a
heading (not a link), followed by 3 to 4 lines of text and then a
"read more" link.
I do not necessarily think this is a WCAG violation, at least not if
we get nit picky, as the context of the "read more" link can be
programatically determined (just look at the preceeding heading, then
press tab to get back to the "read more" link).
However, I remember coming across an implementation where the text of
a headline of a news story was added to the "read more" link, but
invissibly, so that screen readers saw
"read more the title of news story", whilst others just ssaw "read more".
I just can't remember the exact implementation of this.
I would imagine that one could just set an ID on the heading element,
and then use aria-describedby with that ID and past it to the "read
more" link, I presume.
But if someone has implemented a solution, or knows of the solution I
came across, definitely feel free to discuss, suggest or send me a
link on- or off-list.
Similarly, if someone has a strong opinion on whether the set up, as I
described it, satisfies the "programmatically determined" condition,
definitely let me know, though I have seen this topic being discussed