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Fwd: [DIGITALDIVIDE] TechSoup Online Accessibility Event (online)


From: Rachael Zubal
Date: Sep 24, 2002 10:46AM

This is from the DIGITALDIVIDE listserv:

Certainly, Internet accessibility for people with disabilities and
using assistive technologies is a "Digital Divide" issue. Therefore, I
on the following (plus, I am a HUGE fan of Knowbility.org; in fact, I
am the
Knowbility.org Groupie):


Announcing TechSoup's (http://www.techsoup.org) latest national online
event, "Accessing the Web--Could Helen Keller Use Your Website?"

Join us the week of September 23-27, 2002 in TechSoup's Community at:

More that 55 million Americans including 6 million children and
750 million people worldwide have visual, motor skills, hearing, or
cognitive disabilities. How can this group participate as consumers
and producers in the information marketplace? What tools are
to facilitate their participation?

Please join us as we answer these questions and discuss important
issues surrounding web accessibility.

Topics Include:

* The importance of Web accessibility
* Technology and legislative trends
* Barriers that prevent people from accessing the Web
* Basic design techniques to create electronic curbcuts
* Advanced techniques and accessibility tools

This event at http://www.techsoup.org/redirect/accessevent.cfm
is hosted and moderated by expert guides Sharron Rush of
(http://www.knowbility.org) and Janet Salmons of Vision2Lead


Jayne Cravens
Online Volunteering Specialist
United Nations Volunteers
Bonn, Germany

UNITeS http://www.unites.org
Netaid http://www.netaid.org/OV
Global portal to volunteering: http://www.iyv2001.org

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