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A short video showing users with different disabilities using a computer or mobile device to browse


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Jan 27, 2013 10:06PM

Hey gang

I am going to give a 20-minute presentation on the benefits of
investing in accessibility to a group of project managers of major
(100 to 1200 employees) companies this following Friday.
I have lots of ideas, and I have lots of wonderful resources for
making the business case for accessibility (W3C, Karl Grove's "selling
accessibility" seris and others).
What I would like to do was to show a short video on how many users
with different types of disabilities can browse the internet (screen
reader, magnifier, zip'n'puff, headmouse, color blindness, dyslexia,
older user etc.).
All the videos I have come across show only a single disability user,
and also I am blind so judging the relative qualityof each is not an
easy task.
I would like a video such as this, for my purposes, not to exceed 4 minutes.
Does such a video exist, as far as you know?
Do you think a video presentation to this type of audience is helpful
at all, or do the live demoes, stats and such do just as good a job?