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Re: text-only version of web pages


From: GF Mueden@
Date: Jan 30, 2013 5:17AM

I beg to differ. I am set to white on black for poor contrast
sensitivity, 200% for poor acuity, often minimize and pull in the
margins for limited visual field, and my eyes are sensitive to the glare
of graphics, they blind me to any nearby copy. I would love to be able
to see many sites on a text only basis. I have no objection to graphics
where needed to tell the story, but I do object when it is obvious that
the designer is just showing off. When ordering groceries on line, it
is not necessary that the list of departments have a graphic
incorporated for each department. On the other hand it does help me to
recognize the product package.

I am not for outlawing graphics, but please give me the choice. The
ability to "X out" graphics would be appreciated.

My "Advice for Publishers", written for the benefit of those who still
read with their eyes but not well, ia available as an email down load.

When I first started looking at legibility problems years ago, Dr "Gus"
Colenbrander told me that my biggest problem would be that people with
good eyes don't know how those with poor eyes see.

G F Mueden <EMAIL REMOVED> ===gm==212 222 8751 NYC am best

On 1/29/2013 11:31 AM, Rycca Blanton wrote:
> What is the standard for creating text only versions of webpages? We tried using http://assistive.usablenet.com, and it works fine. However it strips out all the javascript, so our forms, search box, and translate box no longer work. Plus we found a quote on the webaim site (http://webaim.org/articles/design/textonly#intro) saying that practically nobody with a disability benefits from text-only version.
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